Yikes!!  Don’t click Adobe Flash Player update pop-up, this = VIRUS

Spot when I got my mac last year I was really diligent about making sure it wasn’t used for games, but after finishing school I slacked off on that a bit….ugh.  Well off course I picked up a virus@#$!  This morning our got even worse when I was working on a post and my Adobe Flash player was supposedly out of Faye and needed updated.   Well without thinking anything of it, I clicked the darn button. Bad idea!

So, after spending some time looking on the internet I found out that’s one way these virus people back your computer.  They embed a broken link into the pop-up and infect your computer.  My computer already had a virus because Caleb had clicked on something while he was playing a game, but after this flash player crap I made it much worse. 

These viruses were pop- up ads, they were malware but not high level infections, but very annoying!  I was able to remove them, but I wanted to warn everyone to watch out for the Adobe pop-up.  Don’t click it!  Lol

Hold My Hand

This is an original poem I wrote.  Usually when I’m sad or feeling down about different life situations I write.  I generally prefer to write short stories, but one day a few weeks ago this struck me as a relevant topic.

Hold My Hand

by Tiffani Day

Hold my hand

 in the beginning

Hold my hand

when it’s positive

Hold my hand

with needles in my arm

Hold my hand

when my hair is gone

Hold my hand

with tubes in my nose

Hold my hand

when it doesn’t work

Hold my hand

when I take my last breath

I ‘ll hold your hand the rest of your life

NW Elite Football Camp

This post may seem like a bit of a rant, so fair warning I’m sorry if that is how it comes across.  With Mikey going into his Senior year, we want to give him every opportunity to participate in sports at the next level.  Last year we weren’t financially in a position to send him to any football camps, so this year we went all out and signed him up for “the best camp in the NW,” or so we thought.

In March 2017, we decided to sign Mikey up for the NW Elite Camp taking place in Washington state.  In the summer of 2016 there were 3 of our football player that participated int his camp and gave it nothing but rave reviews, so even though it was a little pricey ($149) we went ahead and went for it.  Mikey was super excited and I felt great that we were in a position to send him, we researched the teams that were suppose to be there and he was going to get good exposure to colleges from all levels including Division 1.

So, where did this start to go bad?  To start with the camp was to be held in Washington June 2, 2017, no big deal.  Then, two weeks before the camp we found out they had changed the date to June 3, 2017 and the location had changed to Oregon State University.  Honestly this was great, not only did it change to a Saturday but it also changed to 30 minutes away from our house instead of a few hours. Awesome!  The week of camp we found out on Wednesday May 31, the camp was changing to Central Washington University and they changed to date to Friday June 16.  FREAKED OUT MOM HERE!!!

Why was this a big deal?  Well, Mike and I are both teachers and Friday the 16th was our last day of work to get grades finalized and our classrooms cleaned for the summer.  Naturally having to drive 4 + hours to have him there in time was going to be tricky.  So, we both ended up staying at the school until about 9pm Thursday and went back to school Friday morning to finish up.  We made it work, but the thing that really got me about this camp is they started making all of these changes after the deadline to get a refund.  It was all just weird and very unprofessional.

So, why am I posting this now?  The final straw for me is that this camp was one month ago and at the camp they took pictures of the athletes with the promise they would be uploaded to their Facebook page, they have yet to post them.  Sure I took pictures, but they had a professional action photographer there taking pictures and after spending so much I would like to at least get one good action shot of my son.

After looking through their Facebook page, I realized I am not the only one completely frustrated by the practices of this camp organization.

Please do your research before sending your kid to this camp.  The only positives that came from this camp for us was that he did learn some things, which is always a positive.  We also ended up starting our family vacation from there and had some great family time.

Sorry for the vent guys, but hopefully it helps someone out there.

Are you loyal to your phone company?

So, I am writing this post from a budget standpoint.  With three teenage boys, a growing grocery bill, and a growing cell phone plan it is time for us to look into different ways to cut down on our phone cost.

As hard as this may belief, we have been with Sprint for 16 years and have  never had any issues with their service or coverage area.  However, in the past few months we’ve noticed our bill continue to rise and then we got caught up into a “lease” program with their phones.  Yes, I know this is my fault because I didn’t fully ready the terms and conditions of the lease but as a long time Sprint customer I trusted that when we paid off the lease the extra $25 a month we were paying on each phone would eventually go away.

So I think it was around September of 2016 we paid off Mikey’s lease, but I wasn’t letting him get a new phone until he earned it so I didn’t really pay attention to the fact our bill didn’t really change.  In March 2017 I took him to the Sprint store in my area to get a new phone and recommit to the “lease.” This is when I found out that I was still paying on the phone each month as a borrow program because we hadn’t gone in and bought it outright after the lease ended.  WHAT?!  Again, I know this is my fault for not closely reading the terms and condition.

So as I stood there in disbelief, I told the kid working the counter that it seemed like a racket to me, because the lease was 2 years on a phone for $700 and when I paid it off it wouldn’t be mine?!  Plus, how many people don’t ruin their phone before that lease is up.  At this point in order for me to get him a new phone, they told me that I would need to pay them $154 for Mikey’s iPhone 6 because it was slightly bent and considered damaged.  We would not get a new phone until we paid that.  Hmmmm.

This is when I told the young man I was going to explore our options and there was a Verizon right across the street.  I was shocked when he said, “to switch carriers they will need your account number, do you want me to write it down?”  To me this doesn’t seem like the way you should treat a customer who has faithfully been with your company for 16 years.  There was no attempt by the Sprint store to retain me as a customer.  After visiting the Verizon store, I realized they were not the fit for us either.  Budget wise it was going to be more expensive to get the same unlimited data we were enjoying with Sprint for 16 years.  So, I started doing my research.

For some reason, I never really gave Cricket a lot of thought when it came to phone service.  As I started researching, I realized that Cricket doesn’t lock you into a contract.  This was nice because as long as our phones were paid in advance each month we would have service.  They also offered an Unlimited Data package for $60 per month, but the more lines you added to the account the less you were charged each month to enjoy the package.  So, after I added up all 5 of our lines on unlimited data through Cricket our monthly phone bill would be around $200.  At Sprint with our unlimited data, 5 lines, and phone leases we had been paying around $367 a month.  So right there we would be saving nearly $200 per month just for changing carriers, and the coverage area is the same as At&t.

Before switching I wanted to give Sprint the opportunity to retain our business.  I got on the line with a customer service agent who analyzed out plan and told me there was a less expensive unlimited plan that we could be switched to.  Now, I’m not good at all of the lingo but he said we didn’t really use a lot of data so switching to this plan would save us about $100 per month.  The catch was that once the shared data reached a certain point the speed of the data would still be unlimited, but it would slow down.  I double checked with him that this matched the amount of data we used as a family and he assured me that it did.  So, I decided to switch our plan with Sprint instead of changing carriers.

As soon as our plan was changed with Sprint, we noticed a huge difference in the speed of our data.  At our house we were unable to load anything unless we were connected to our WiFi and when we went anywhere on the road, the phones were basically useless if we wanted to use our data.  To top it off, we all got a text message that we had reached our high speed data limit within a day so our speed would be slowed until the end of the billing period which wasn’t for about 24 days.

So here we are, the beginning of June and looking at taking our family vacation.  I was concerned about changing carriers then being out on the road with terrible service, so I decided to switch one of our lines to Cricket instead of changing all of them.  This would also provide me with the opportunity to compare the speed of the data and coverage across the states.  I am thankful I decided to change one of our lines before our trip, because our Sprint phones got horrible service and would load maps because our data had been slowed.  The Cricket phone ended up being our main source of directions.

Coverage and data plan was much better on the Cricket service, so we decided to make the switch.  The only problem is that we could have switched all 5 at once, but since we didn’t we can only do one line at a time.  Its a slow tedious process, but I think it will be worth it.  So far we have 2 lines switched with a 3rd that will be here tomorrow.  One other perk to switching and bringing our number with us, is that after 90 days they will credit us $50 per number transferred.  Bonus!

Stay tuned as we begin to explore Cricket service.  I will definitely be posting reviews to give a fair comparison.  I am mostly looking forward to saving that $167 per month, we could definitely use that in other parts of our budget.

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Take Care of Your Feet

Well, my poor husband has never been very good at taking care of himself.  Our latest battle is just another issue related to his lack of caring for his health.  My husband is a PE/Health teacher and coaches three different sports, so as you can imagine he is on his feet most of every day.  At the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, he started really complaining about his feet hurting.  I figured it was just the typical pain, he has been dealing with foot pain for a while but this was much worse.

When I first looked at his foot, I noticed an area that appeared to be a plantar so I treated it with some over the counter wart and plantar remover.  Thinking that would do it, I didn’t think much of it until the pain didn’t go away.  So, I looked at it some more and could definitely see there was a core to it but I didn’t know what else to do.  My suggestion was to go see a podiatrist, did he listen to me??  NOPE!

Regardless of the pain, Mike managed to make it through April before it was so unbearable he couldn’t handle it.  Finally he called a podiatrist, by this time, he could hardly stand at work and had about 5 new plantar warts on his foot.  I kept telling him that he needed to get on antibiotics because I thought it was virus.

After his first visit with the podiatrist she diagnosed him with plantar fasciitis, which we ordered custom orthodics to treat, and she misdiagnosed the plantar warts on his foot.  Ugh….he spent our entire family vacation unable to participate in most of what we did.  Our whole trip was determined by how long he was able to stand.  When we got home, I made him go back.

What do you know?  They are plantar warts that she treated with liquid nitrogen.  Today we went back for his second treatment and will return in a few weeks, hopefully for his final treatment.  One thing we did learn, was the liquid nitrogen treatment will cause a lot of pain in the areas as it begins to kill the plantar.  Man!  This poor guy spent almost  a week and a half on the couch after the first treatment because of how bad they hurt.

I guess my message is this, you stand on them every day and they support you all day, treat them right and listen to them when you’re in pain.  My poor husband has been suffering with foot pain for almost a year longer than he needed to.