Take Care of Your Feet

Well, my poor husband has never been very good at taking care of himself.  Our latest battle is just another issue related to his lack of caring for his health.  My husband is a PE/Health teacher and coaches three different sports, so as you can imagine he is on his feet most of every day.  At the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, he started really complaining about his feet hurting.  I figured it was just the typical pain, he has been dealing with foot pain for a while but this was much worse.

When I first looked at his foot, I noticed an area that appeared to be a plantar so I treated it with some over the counter wart and plantar remover.  Thinking that would do it, I didn’t think much of it until the pain didn’t go away.  So, I looked at it some more and could definitely see there was a core to it but I didn’t know what else to do.  My suggestion was to go see a podiatrist, did he listen to me??  NOPE!

Regardless of the pain, Mike managed to make it through April before it was so unbearable he couldn’t handle it.  Finally he called a podiatrist, by this time, he could hardly stand at work and had about 5 new plantar warts on his foot.  I kept telling him that he needed to get on antibiotics because I thought it was virus.

After his first visit with the podiatrist she diagnosed him with plantar fasciitis, which we ordered custom orthodics to treat, and she misdiagnosed the plantar warts on his foot.  Ugh….he spent our entire family vacation unable to participate in most of what we did.  Our whole trip was determined by how long he was able to stand.  When we got home, I made him go back.

What do you know?  They are plantar warts that she treated with liquid nitrogen.  Today we went back for his second treatment and will return in a few weeks, hopefully for his final treatment.  One thing we did learn, was the liquid nitrogen treatment will cause a lot of pain in the areas as it begins to kill the plantar.  Man!  This poor guy spent almost  a week and a half on the couch after the first treatment because of how bad they hurt.

I guess my message is this, you stand on them every day and they support you all day, treat them right and listen to them when you’re in pain.  My poor husband has been suffering with foot pain for almost a year longer than he needed to.

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