Yikes!!  Don’t click Adobe Flash Player update pop-up, this = VIRUS

Spot when I got my mac last year I was really diligent about making sure it wasn’t used for games, but after finishing school I slacked off on that a bit….ugh.  Well off course I picked up a virus@#$!  This morning our got even worse when I was working on a post and my Adobe Flash player was supposedly out of Faye and needed updated.   Well without thinking anything of it, I clicked the darn button. Bad idea!

So, after spending some time looking on the internet I found out that’s one way these virus people back your computer.  They embed a broken link into the pop-up and infect your computer.  My computer already had a virus because Caleb had clicked on something while he was playing a game, but after this flash player crap I made it much worse. 

These viruses were pop- up ads, they were malware but not high level infections, but very annoying!  I was able to remove them, but I wanted to warn everyone to watch out for the Adobe pop-up.  Don’t click it!  Lol

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