So here I am, yep that’s me.  I’d like to say that I am a spunky, fun loving mom and teacher, but lately, some of my spunk has fizzled out.  Not sure why exactly, but I think life is catching up to me.  I have been married to a great guy for nearly 20 years!  Together we have 3 amazing boys, Mike is 18 (almost 19), Caleb is 17 (almost 18), and Dylan is 16.  Almost the entire time we’ve been married, we’ve had little people around, now our oldest is leaving for college in just 3 weeks which means the other 2 are right behind him.  It’s a little scary to be facing a house with no kids and just this guy I knew20 years ago, but we’re figuring it out.

For 15 years I managed an auto parts store, then it struck me that I wanted more, I wanted to make a difference for people in a way that mattered.  First I started back to college to become a counselor, but then I started working with my local ASPIRE program and knew exactly where I belonged, TEACHING!  My husband was already working as a teacher so it was an easy choice to make.  After 6 years of school, with no high school diploma to earning a masters degree, here I am a teacher.  It has been a crazy ride and I love what I do, most of all I love all MY kids.  I just finished my second year of teaching and already I feel like I am making a huge difference.  We teach at a small rural school in Oregon, our 7-12 student body is roughly 300.

I’m glad you’re here, I’d love to chat so leave me a comment.