College Bound

Helping our oldest decide on the college he will attend is emotional and nerve racking.  Trying to weed our way through the offers and scholarships so far hasn’t been too bad, but I’m a freak about keeping everything straight.

For me, this is all about keeping track of our visits, scholarships applied for, and comparing each potential college.

Mikes visit to Puget Sound

Visiting University of Puget Sound was a great experience.  For Mike, comparing this visit to Pacific University was difficult because the format was completely different.  When we went to Pacific it was specifically a prospect visit, but our visit to Puget Sound was a prospect visit combined with a football camp.  So, I’m going to… Continue reading Mikes visit to Puget Sound

Division III Schools in Oregon

As we start navigating through this process, there are a lot of important questions we have and of course the biggest question is cost.  Cost is a big question because if Mikey chooses a Division III college he will not be offered an athletic scholarship.  Mike will only receive outside scholarships, school offered scholarships, and… Continue reading Division III Schools in Oregon

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