Mike Visits Pacific University

This is our oldest son Mike Jr.  This coming school year he will be a Senior at Central Linn High School.  It’s so crazy how fast he has grown up into this young man, in less than two months he will be 18!!!

Throughout high school, Mike has been very active in sports. This year he will earn his fourth varsity letter in both football and wrestling, which has paid off because he is being recruited by several Division 3 colleges.  The only bad thing about this, is D3 colleges don’t offer athletic scholarships. However, Mike really wants to dual sport when he goes to college as well and in Oregon right now there is only one D3 college where he will have the opportunity to do this.  Pacific University in Forest Grove, I happen to be an Alumni 😉

Mike has been invited to Pacific twice now, one by the wrestling coach and once by the football coach.  Last Saturday we were able to take Mike to his first top prospect visit.

When we first arrived to campus, we were promptly greeted by an assistant coach, which I didn’t think too much about. Once we were inside the sports complex the assistant coach took us to Coach Buckley’s office, the head football coach. Why does this matter to me?

All summer we have crossed the country taking Mike and Caleb to football camps, not just for exposure but to help them get better.  At the camps, only once did I see the head coach and never did we meet him.  So, going into this Pacific visit I naturally thought we would not meet the coach.  Boy was I wrong!

Coach Buckley took the time to introduce himself to us and he spent about 15 minutes just chit chatting with us.  I was completely blown away and impressed.  To top it off, each coach on his staff took their time to meet Mike and get to know him a little bit.   So, as you can see I was probably sold in about 5 minutes.  Time to calm down mom, this is only the first prospect visit, he he.

So, after meeting all of the coaches I think the rest of the visit was pretty typical.  We were able to tour the campus and see all of the dorms, but what really stood out to me was how small the campus was.  Mike’s high school is very small, his graduating class will be about 40 students so going to a small University may be ideal for him.  Aside from the typical tour there were some important aspects as a mom that made Pacific very appealing, besides the time Coach Buckley took to meet us.

First, on Tuesdays and Thursdays there are not any classes on campus between the hours of 10:30am-11:30am.  This gives all students the opportunity to take advantage of the tutoring offered by the college, I can’t remember the name of the building, but the athletes can go there during this time and get extra help with their classes. LOVE THIS!!

Second, on Sunday evenings the football team gets together for a study session!  This shows me the importance placed on academics as well as football.  I really felt as if this school and the coaches really care about the success of their athletes in the classroom and on campus.

Third, all freshman share a dorm room with a teammate.  This is important to me because Mike will obviously not know anyone here, so sharing a dorm room with someone he will get to know on the field I think will be best for him.

Fourth, all freshman at Pacific are required to take a seminar class.  Instead of just randomly placing students into that class the university will take all freshman from the same dorm floor and same side of the hall, and put them in this seminar class.  The purpose of this is to help them build a community at the college.  They will be seeing the same people they live with in class, and have the opportunity to start building relationships.

Finally, after our visit Coach Buckley personally texted Mike to thank him for coming out and to make sure that Mike knew he could contact him personally if he had questions.  WHAT?!  Like I said, this process is new for us so maybe this is all the norm but we were all very impressed with how the coaching staff seems to legitimately care about their players.  Remember, as a mom I am interviewing them too, who is going to take the best care for my son and be a good example for him.

Tomorrow we have another visit at University of Puget Sound, so it will be interesting to finally have a comparison.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day 😉