Mikes visit to Puget Sound

Visiting University of Puget Sound was a great experience.  For Mike, comparing this visit to Pacific University was difficult because the format was completely different.  When we went to Pacific it was specifically a prospect visit, but our visit to Puget Sound was a prospect visit combined with a football camp.  So, I’m going to begin with the football camp portion then transition into the prospect visit.

Out of all the football camps we have been to this summer, I think the Puget Sound camp was the best organized and most beneficial to a rising Senior.  The coaches at Puget Sound organized the camp just like they run their practices, so the campers didn’t have numbers they wore and there was no combine.  I think that took the pressure off Mike and he had a great experience.

As you can see, there were a lot of football players at this camp.  They invited players of all ages for the football portion, which was 2 hours and after the camp only rising seniors were invited to the prospect portion.  Overall camp wise, Mikey was pretty happy with how well he did.  Out of all the camps he felt he learned the most and performed the best at this one.  I’m hoping the videos will play, LOL this is the first time putting them into a post.


In each of these videos, you will see some examples of the drill Mikey worked for both Wide Receiver and Defensive back.  He caught really well during this camp, he says it must be the new gloves I bought him.



One-on-one drills are really hard for a Defensive Back, during the game you can read the play and figure out where they are going.  Without the game setting it can be difficult to figure out where the receiver is going.  In these videos you will see Mikey work one-on-one drills as a DB and a WR.

After this camp he did decide that he prefers being a slot receiver rather than an outside receiver.

 Prospect Visit Reflection

After completing the football camp, all rising seniors were invited to lunch followed by a series of events designed to spark interest in the University.  The first event was an admissions talk from the director of admissions.  A lot of this talk was very similar to other colleges, but there were some interesting aspects.  For example, University of Puget Sound has a “Test optional pathway” where incoming students have the option of not taking SAT or ACT tests!  This sounds great for most kids, the last thing they want to do is worry about taking those darn tests LOL!  However, taking route places a greater importance on high school transcripts/GPA and the entrance essay is longer/more rigorous.  Maybe a better option for some kiddos.

As you saw from earlier posts, I am interested in class sizes so I made special note of that.  University of Puget Sound has 2600 enrolled students making the student/faulty ratio 12:1 with most classes fewer than 19 students, except intro type classes.  Total tuition, with room & board is approximately $60,000.  During the visit we were able to tour the campus and visit a dorm in order to really get an idea of what life on campus could be like for our son.

This campus is absolutely beautiful!  If we were selecting a college based on this, for sure this is where Mikey would go.  It was really difficult to actually capture how pretty this campus was, but please trust me when I say it was LOL!  All of the buildings are brick, there was a lot of shaded areas and it was perfectly landscaped.

Academics takes great importance at University of Puget Sound.  This is great, as long as the relationship between academics and athletics is cohesive.  Maybe one downfall for Mikey, he didn’t feel the same cohesiveness here as he did at Pacific University.  Not that academics aren’t important to us or Mike, but he wants to feel that they work together and are considered equally important.

To begin the football presentation, we were able to ask the current football players questions.  I thought this was a very important addition to the visit because we actually heard from players not just the coaches.  This gave Mikey a unique perspective into life as a football player at the University of Puget Sound.  One big difference for Mikey was the players choose who they room with and the roommate doesn’t necessarily have to be a player.  Eeek!  Mike definitely wants to room with one of his teammates.  However, they are put into groups of 4 to be a support system for each other.  Typically these groups will be made up of a freshman, sophomore, junior, and a senior they will get together to study or check in with each other to make sure everyone is on track and help when someone needs help.

Actual football information:  University of Puget Sound doesn’t redshirt, no JV, and no cuts.  Because of this, we really saw an emphasis placed on early decision/commitment to University of Puget Sound.  Mike is not quite ready to commit, so this is likely not where he will end up.  Thank goodness LOL!  This was a 4 hours drive.  They keep their roster under 100 players and put the best 11 players on the field in each situation.  They hold team meetings throughout the week and hold practices according to what works with player schedules.  In the spring players workout 5 days a week for 5 weeks, once in the morning and once at night.  Lastly, the football team is responsible for completing two community service projects per semester.

Overall, this college was amazing!  It was beautiful and definitely had some positives, but this isn’t going to be Mike’s choice.