DIY Junkie

I love DIY projects, the only problem is not having enough time or materials at one given time.  I’m super impatient though!  Like most DIYers, when we want to get a project done we want it done now.  This summer has been the best so far, I don’t have school to focus on this summer and I don’t have to work during the summer for the first time in 6 years, so I’m tearing it up!

10 Easy DIY Furniture Ideas

Some day most of the furniture in my house will be from my DIY projects, who knows when that will happen LOL!  So far I have made a blanket ladder, spice rack, pallet flag for my front porch, and right now I’m starting on a headboard for my bed.  Needless to say, my Pinterest board… Continue reading 10 Easy DIY Furniture Ideas

Patriotic Name Sign

When moved into our house there were a couple of horribly built raised garden beds, so the first thing I did was rip them out.  This piece of wood was one of the pieces I pulled out.  From the looks of this, the people who built the raised bed didn’t treat it for being outside,… Continue reading Patriotic Name Sign

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