Make your own laundry soap and put money back in your pocket

A few years ago my family went through a huge financial change, we went from having two income to only having one.  At first it was scary and stressful, we were so used to living a certain way and now we had to find a way to cut back our budget without losing our sanity.  There were obvious ways for us to cut our spending but there was a need to cut our budget even further, then it happened….we ran out of laundry soap.  I had become an avid couponer and through searching different blogs I saw many people sharing their own laundry soap recipes, so I decided to give it a try.

After sifting through different recipes on Pinterest, I finally found one that required the fewest ingredients and the least amount of time.  Once finished, I had 5 gallons of homemade laundry soap for just under $2 which had already saved me around $50.  Since making my first batch of laundry soap, I’ve modified the recipe in order to create better consistency.

How does this save money?

Initially you may have to buy a couple of these items, keep it simple.  Buy a large pot and old cheese grater at a second-hand store and use them exclusively for making your laundry soap.  The 5 gallon bucket you probably already have, but if not Walmart sells them with lids for $11.97 and the paint stir stick is about $1.

All of the ingredients are available in the laundry soap aisle of almost any grocery or department store.  The Borax is $4.97 and makes the laudry soap recipe 8 times.  The Washing Soda in $3.97 and makes the recipe 13 times.  Finally, the Felsnaptha bar is .97.  That’s only $1.82 for 5 gallons of laundry soap or $.02 per load.

I have a family of 5 and this mixture usually lasts us about 4 months, so for us laundry soap only costs $.46 per month.

What you need:

1-Cup of Borax

1-Cup of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda

1 Bar of Felsnaptha or ZOte Bar soap (grated)

8-Cups of Water

Tools you need:

1-Large Pot

1-Cheese Grater

1-5 Gallon Bucket

1-Paint Stir Stick

1-Clean Gallon Jug

What to do:

Pour the water and grated Felsnaptha into your large pot, heat over medium heat stirring regulary until the Felsnaptha is fully melted, usually about 20 minutes.  Once the Felsnaptha is melted slowly add the Borax and Wash Soda and stir until both have completely dissolved, this usually takes 1-2 minutes.

After all of the ingredients have dissolved pour the mixture into you 5 gallon bucket using the clean gallon just add 3 gallons of hot tap water to the mixture.  Stir the mixture with the paint stir stick, cover and let stand for 24 hours.

After sitting for 24 hours, the mixture will resemble a thick gel.  Stir it again adding hot tap water until it reaches your desired consistency, soap should resemble the consistency of oatmeal.  Once you’re finished reaching the optimal consistency store it in whatever way suits you best.  I prefer to leave my soap in the 5 gallon bucket, I just fill up an old gallon jug when it runs out.

Use about half a cup of detergent when yo wash clothes.  This homemade mixture will not get sudsy like soup you buy int the store, which also makes it great for High Efficiency washing machines.  This mixture is also good for those who have sensitive skin or allergies because there isn’t any artificial additives and all ingredients are odorless.


Many people like to have a long lasting scent in their laundry soap, if you are one of those it’s easy to do.  Adding scent to your laundry soap takes place in the cooking stage, simply add your chosen scent to the mixture after all other ingredients have dissolved and stir until mixed well.  You could add some essential oils, these come in small bottles which are reasonably priced, plus it doesn’t take a lot to get your desired scent.  Another way to add scent is with Downy or any variety of scented laundry crystals, all it takes is a couple cups of this product to get the scent you’re after.

Sidebar:  Additional Uses

Hand soap

Carpet cleaner

Upholstery cleaner

Fabric cleaner