NW Elite Football Camp

This post may seem like a bit of a rant, so fair warning I’m sorry if that is how it comes across.  With Mikey going into his Senior year, we want to give him every opportunity to participate in sports at the next level.  Last year we weren’t financially in a position to send him to any football camps, so this year we went all out and signed him up for “the best camp in the NW,” or so we thought.

In March 2017, we decided to sign Mikey up for the NW Elite Camp taking place in Washington state.  In the summer of 2016 there were 3 of our football player that participated int his camp and gave it nothing but rave reviews, so even though it was a little pricey ($149) we went ahead and went for it.  Mikey was super excited and I felt great that we were in a position to send him, we researched the teams that were suppose to be there and he was going to get good exposure to colleges from all levels including Division 1.

So, where did this start to go bad?  To start with the camp was to be held in Washington June 2, 2017, no big deal.  Then, two weeks before the camp we found out they had changed the date to June 3, 2017 and the location had changed to Oregon State University.  Honestly this was great, not only did it change to a Saturday but it also changed to 30 minutes away from our house instead of a few hours. Awesome!  The week of camp we found out on Wednesday May 31, the camp was changing to Central Washington University and they changed to date to Friday June 16.  FREAKED OUT MOM HERE!!!

Why was this a big deal?  Well, Mike and I are both teachers and Friday the 16th was our last day of work to get grades finalized and our classrooms cleaned for the summer.  Naturally having to drive 4 + hours to have him there in time was going to be tricky.  So, we both ended up staying at the school until about 9pm Thursday and went back to school Friday morning to finish up.  We made it work, but the thing that really got me about this camp is they started making all of these changes after the deadline to get a refund.  It was all just weird and very unprofessional.

So, why am I posting this now?  The final straw for me is that this camp was one month ago and at the camp they took pictures of the athletes with the promise they would be uploaded to their Facebook page, they have yet to post them.  Sure I took pictures, but they had a professional action photographer there taking pictures and after spending so much I would like to at least get one good action shot of my son.

After looking through their Facebook page, I realized I am not the only one completely frustrated by the practices of this camp organization.

Please do your research before sending your kid to this camp.  The only positives that came from this camp for us was that he did learn some things, which is always a positive.  We also ended up starting our family vacation from there and had some great family time.

Sorry for the vent guys, but hopefully it helps someone out there.